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Orange Track Diecast

First look at the brand-new, Hot Wheels Car Culture / CRUISE BOULEVARD series!

The last series of the #2019 Hot Wheels #Car Culture line is here: Cruise Boulevard. The Car Culture / Cruise Boulevard series consists of five customized vehicles that you could expect to see driving down your local “main drag” any night of the week. Ford, Chevy, VW, Nissan, […]

Diecast Motorsports

Fast & Furious: TOYOTA SUPRA

As we stated yesterday, the mainline version released as part of the HW City / Street Power Series (left), lacks the detailing that the Fast & Furious version (right) had — which was disappointing considering both retailed for $1. This may be because Hot Wheels marketing decided to […]

Night Burnerz: TOYOTA SUPRA

The long awaited Toyota Supra was finally released in the 2013 Hot Wheels mainline. Hot Wheels released the Fat Bax Toyota Supra way back in 2004 but never a realistic ’90s version of the Supra. The casting itself is based off of a customized version of the ’94 Toyota Supra and […]