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Collecting Future Hot Wheels Oddities: Iron Man’s REPULSOR BLAST & Spider-Man’s WEB CAR

What separates Hot Wheels collectors from collectors of diecast is that Hot Wheels collectors will tend to accumulate oddities. We will pick up cars based on rarity or “collectibility” whereas the general collector has more of a licensed vehicle focus. We fancy Hot Wheels original designs as it’s […]

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Marvel Characters: IRON MAN

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Hot Wheels collectors here in the United States! Whether you’re having a great time with family & friends or trying to fight that tryptophan coma while watching The Avengers movie on TV, I urge you to take a second look at an overlooked 2014 […]

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Avengers: Age of Ultron – Sting Rod

Hot Wheels released 8 castings with Avengers graphics (each casting had a different Avenger) in May 2015 and were exclusive to Walmart. The Sting Rod shown below fittingly represents Iron Man with its numerous guns and missile launcher extending outward from its body’s frame. Look for this line at your […]