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Orange Track Diecast

The Evolution of Hot Wheels is HERE! Introducing the Hot Wheels iD line.

6/14/2019 — Custom paint, wheels and personas have defined Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand for over 50 years now. From the very beginning, the Hot Wheels brand took its own stance on California car culture and shifted the imagination of young kids. Those elements of #Spectraflame Paint and custom […]

2019-2021 Hot Wheels iD Series TRACKER (UPDATED 2/2)

2021 Hot Wheels iD Series 3 Batman Joker Shaker (purple) Daredevils Driftsta (black) Factory Fresh ’16 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (green) ’18 Honda Civic Type R (red) World Race Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (black) Audi R8 LMS (pearl white) Digital Only Vehicles Dearest Dodger (pink) Time Attraxi Unspecified Series Releases […]