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From the Hot Wheels Wiki:
David Alan Sheltman is a former Mattel employee who worked with Mattel from at least 1999 to about 2017. He was originally part of Hot Wheels’s Innovation and Track groups, as well as working on “whatever needed his special attention”. Mainly working on track sets and playsets, he also designed cars but not very often. After his stint at Hot Wheels he then moved to Matchbox to design various large scale vehicles and other non-diecast projects, such as Wrecky the Wrecking Buddy. Sheltman left Mattel around 2017 for another company; it is not clear what he does now.

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HW Stunt / Stunt Circuit Series (2013 New Model): FIG RIG

The Fig Rig was a new 2013 Hot Wheel that had collectors talking right away! Released in the HW Stunt / Stunt Circuit Series, this Hot Wheels truck brings a new take on customization. You can literally add on to this truck many Lego or Mega Blocks items—or as […]