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Hot Wheels casting designed by Phil Riehlman. Currently in production, since 2006.

Orange Track Diecast

Hard to not go bonkers for Hot Wheels Car Culture / Team Transport MIX G; These ɛ̃fini, RWB and Union 76 haulers offer a glimpse of 2020

It sure feels like with every mix of Hot Wheels #Car Culture / Team Transport there is a level of excitement that comes with it. Not sure if that comes from other collectors, internally or is a solid mix of both. Whatever it is, its a great feeling […]

Diecast Motorsports


December is here which usually means, so are the Hot Wheels Christmas cars. While in the past there have been Holiday Rods, Holiday Hot Rods, and other cars of the Christmas variety, it was the Holiday Rods from 2004 to 2009 that proved to be the most collector-friendly. […]