Tag: 2016 Hot Wheels

These Hot Wheels were released in 2016 lineups.

Orange Track Diecast

HW Daredevils (2016 New Models): CRUISE BRUISER

The Cruise Bruiser is one of those Hot Wheels castings that instantly takes you back to your childhood. Playing the role of Captain Destructo as a child, many of my Hot Wheels from the 1980s did not survive as they were “well-loved”–and by well-loved, I mean crashed, burned […]

Diecast Motorsports

HW Hot Trucks: ’15 FORD F-150

The #Hot Wheels Race Team is back for 2016! However, its not in the race-team-specific segment series as you would expect–although it still may be possible as all the 2016 series have not been revealed. The first casting to wear the famous Hot Wheels logo in blue is the […]