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2011 New Models: ’70 DODGE CHARGER R/T

Hot Wheels has so many #Dodge #Charger castings that it can be a daunting task just to keep them all straight. Heck, if you’re looking just by name/year, there are five 1970 Charger castings, but each are vastly different. In what has been commonly called the #Blown Engine […]

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2011 New Models: NISSAN SKYLINE H/T 2000GT-X

Ah yes, the Hakosuka… wait?!?!? …What did I just say? Let me backup a little… Chances are, if you’ve been involved in collecting modern Hot Wheels as of late you’ve noticed the influx of Japanese Domestic Market vehicles. These #JDM vehicles are especially popular on all the social media sites […]

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2011 New Models: HONDA S2000

Man, the #Honda S2000 is as popular as ever right now coming fresh off a highly-desirable convention release and now showing up in the latest batch of Fast & Furious cars at Walmart. But back in 2011, when this #Ryu Asada design first appeared as part of the […]

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French auto manufacturer #Renault had a racing series of its own which was last called the Eurocup Renault Mégane V6 Trophy when it folded in 2013. Originally starting in 1976, this one-make racing series was created and managed by Renault Sport; the motorsport, performance and special vehicle divisions of […]

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2011 New Models: ’68 COPO CAMARO

Back in the late 1960s two great things were established: Hot Wheels, and Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO). COPO was Chevrolet’s special order system that was notoriously used by dealers to build high-performance cars that were one-of-a-kind. These COPO vehicles were stacked and were mostly used to […]

2011 New Models: ’12 Ford Fiesta

This release of the Hot Wheels ’12 Ford Fiesta was in the 2011 New Models Series and is based off of the Ford Fiesta featured in the Gymkhana 3 video found HERE on YouTube. As you can see in the video, Ken Block, professional rally driver and co-founder of DC […]