Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge set to debut on May 30th on NBC and Peacock

5/8/2023 — Hot Wheels fanatics have long desired a Hot Wheels reality show and one is finally coming their way. NBC — and its streaming app, Peacock — have picked up season 1 of the TV series, Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge. The show pits 16 contestants head-to-head in a 10-episode series where contestants tap into their personal stories to inspire the creation of a highly unique vehicle.

The show will be hosted by Rutledge Wood — from Top Gear US — who will also serve as a judge amongst a sea of celebrity guest judges to the likes of: Terry Crews, Sung Kang, Anthony Anderson, Joel McHale, WWE Superstar Big E, and Jay Leno. Experts from Ford will also be on-hand to judge the contestant’s work.

Just what will the contestants be doing?

It sounds like the contestants will be working with a team of automobile customizers that will go full “Pimp My Ride” on a car from their past. The talent will be known as “The Car Pool” and will create the contestants’ “designs” in a unique garage in and itself.

The winner of each show will take home $25,000 and a chance to get into the finale where one winner will receive an additional $50,000 and — the best part — have their car made into a Hot Wheels vehicle.

Make sure to tune in on Tuesday, May 30 and let us know what you think!

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  1. Going to have to pass on this . I didn’t see any of the completed cars that remotely interested me. Kids might like it though.

  2. Now, this a reality show that’s right up my alley, Brad, and I WILL BE WATCHING IT!!!!!!!!

  3. Would love to have you check out my ride I built It’s been called a life sized Hot Wheel! #roadkillkreations

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