2022 Legends Tour NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R (R32) available now via the online vending truck

04/27/2022 — The 2022 Hot Wheels Legends Tour kicks off shortly and the main exclusive for the event has already become available via the tour’s official ONLINE VENDING TRUCK! These are in-stock at the time of this article going live, but will sell out soon. Don’t worry if you can’t grab it today as these will be available again via any livestream date.

This first batch is bundled with a Hot Wheels Legends Tour flag and is for sale for $35 (plus $12 shipping).

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  1. Thanks Brad I was able to get one to kick off the 2022 Hot Wheels Legend Tour.

    Skyline was a great choice for the Legend car this year and I can’t wait to see it first hand.

    Thanks again!

  2. I also missed out. I have all the live stream dates and will try then. I thought I could not get the Gasser, but was able to snag the Gasser. I am hoping the same for the Nissan.

    • Is the first livestream tomorrow at 8am eastern April 30th cause just has Public on events page, but the skyline was uploaded today, just not in stock? Thanks
      During COVID, would always have livestream, and cars would be put in shop like 30 minutes into start of the livestream.

      • Schedule at Nxt event in Houston May 14th. Is like 8am-12pm eastern. Their is no livestream, I checked during Miami event and noticed were dropped between 12pm and 12:30pm that Saturday when event was technically over since is from 8 am to 12pm in the online vending shop at legends tour
        So on the 14th check sporadically from 8am-12, but definitely after 12pm. I only got 1 so don’t have another. Good luck hope helps. Gasser was 2 yrs ago won’t get now unless on eBay or Mercari

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