EXOTIC ENVY available to ORDER NOW! Get the latest Hot Wheels Car Culture release.

4/15/2021 — Check this out! The latest Hot Wheels Car Culture set — EXOTIC ENVY — is available now for order on Amazon. There has certainly been a drought of Hot Wheels finds on Amazon lately, so this news comes with a breathe of fresh air. Don’t waste any time as these surely won’t last long at their $5.49 price point.

Car Culture / Exotic Envy

  1. McLaren Senna
  2. Aston Martin Vulcan
  3. Aston Martin Valhalla Concept
  4. ’16 Bugatti Chiron
  5. Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

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  1. Missing the Lamborghini Aventador out of the set but Amazon is also out of stock. Really like the Bugatti out of this set though

  2. Thanks for the “” HEADSUP “” BRAD. I was under the weather for missing out on the LR 64 Chevy. My daughter got the LR and was going to give it to me. I told her to keep it,since we have been waiting on that car awhile. So it was great news to me when I read your article about Amazon having the Bugatti Car Cultures. I use the LR money to buy a few. My order went thru. So again thanks for the Headsup. I am also working on getting my own LR.

  3. My guess is the fact that the 4 available are that price are the ones released as solid 10 packs so no splitting out the Lambo

  4. Do you guys jave any of the walmart team transports or the legends c10 pink pickup? I need three of each and the 2 transports with the trailers ?

  5. Do you guys have any of the walmart team transports or the legends C10 pink pickup? I need three of each and the 2 transports with the trailers ?

  6. I ordered 6 Bugatti’s on April 15th. for me and several associates of mines. Now I just get an email saying my order is cancelled. Plus it tells me to try an order from another seller. Amazon was the seller not anyone else. I am very upset about this. I even bypassed the sale on HWC Site. I checked around and 1 Bugatti is going for what we paid for 6. I buy on Amazon all the time. Not fair to cancel my order after waiting 1 &1/2 month . I even replied to the email letting them know I still wanted the Bugatti’s. This was last week. If they knew they were out they should have told me then. “” SOMETHING SMELLS VERY FISHY TO ME “”.
    🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟 🐟

    • WillieB47, same happened to me. I ordered multiples, got a message that asked me to verify the order. After verifying the order, I discovered today that my order disappeared. I called them and they told me it was canceled and there was nothing they can do. She claimed you have 48 hours to verify, or it automatically cancels.

      • I got my email on 05/15/21. I replied that I wanted the order on the same day (05/15/21). On 05/16/21 I got an email saying they received my email that I wanted to keep my order. I did not call Customer Service,because I did not want to get the run around. I am not ordering from Amazon anymore. I order a lot of things from them but not anymore. I unsubscribe from them.

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