NEW PRODUCT ALERT! 2021 Hot Wheels Rewards Cars (UPDATED 11/15)

11/10/2020 — These may not be the Hot Wheels Rewards Cars that Hot Wheels collectors are used to, but a new product has shown up on Amazon for sale. This box of 10 vehicles looks to mimic the pillow pack design of the Mystery Models. It appears all 10 vehicles in the box will be packaged individually and will be some sort of a mystery as the Amazon listing doesn’t show (or list) which cars are included. Each package will apparently contain a gold medallion sticker that can be added to some sort of “collect them all” sheet. Hopefully, you get all ten cars in this box.

First reaction: Given the nature of most #Mystery Models boxes, the bulk of the cars end up being unlicensed “fantasy” cars — so there is definitely the chance for that here. However, if curiosity has gotten the best of you, these Rewards Cars are for sale now on Amazon.

UPDATED 11/15/2020 — List of vehicles include is below.

2021 HW Rewards Cars

  1. Cyber Speeder
  2. Sharkruiser
  3. Quick ‘N Sik
  4. Speed Spider
  5. Project Speeder
  6. Street Creeper
  7. Great Gatspeed
  8. Formula Flashback
  9. Mach Speeder
  10. Monteracer

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  1. Speaking of Rewards cars….Brad, do you know when Mattel plans on fixing the issue with the Rewards Points not showing up. I should have. 210 and I have 0 showing. I know many others have the same issue.

    I hope they fix it before the Redemption period. I want to make sure it’s right before the email goes out. Hell I want to make sure I even get an email!

    • Yes, i agree with the request/inquiry/interest concerning the questionable missing points for past purchases within the RLC!
      Points which have been promised to be restored for members who once possessed or are owed due to a mystery glitch or something of that nature.

      I personally HAD points for the purchase of the yellow Datsun 510, but have since disappeared & also acquired the VW T1 Rockster with a ‘0’ displayed for points!
      Cross your fingers folks!

  2. Looks like these are for kids to be rewarded with a car for doing their chores or homework or something. Kinda cool idea. I know my neighbor’s son really likes the mystery eggs and blind bags for rewards so this might be the same idea?

  3. I went ahead an took the hit on this set and ordered one from Amazon. It just what Northwest Diecast suspected. All fantasy cars and really nothing special about them at all. They will all be going to my friends son to play with. Great idea for a kid that like that sort of thing but not really something a collector would be interested in.

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