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Ask Brad #10: Who is Matthew, Unnumbered Dirty Blonde Gassers, a BRE Roadster, C8 Corvette & MORE!

Wow! You guys stuffed the #Ask Brad inbox over the last several weeks. I mean, I was kind of neglecting it as I have been extremely busy, but noticed it was overflowing — digitally of course — so I figured that I should probably get to answering your questions. I’m taking on half today and will post the other half tomorrow.

“WILLIEB47” • Jagville, Florida
Q: Will there be another RLC BRE Exclusive for Hot Wheels? We have the Datsun 510 and the Datsun 240z. Now if we could get the Roadster it would complete the John Morton trifecta. Of course, the color scheme should be like the other two (with neos).
A: That would be awesome. However, unless the Roadster is retooled to have an opening feature, I can’t see it coming to the RLC any time soon.

Alan • Dayton, Ohio
Q: 1. What would you like to see in a new Car Culture line? I would love to see a set devoted to station wagons and/or a gasser set with some new or less-used gasser castings. I’d love to see a T-bird gasser!
A: Some new gasser castings would be cool. I do think a Lowriders segment of Car Culture is long overdue. I touched on that in the Monte Carlo Lowrider article I did after you asked this question.
2. Where do you stand on the Real Riders vs NEOs debate?
A: Right in the middle. Hot Wheels should be released with both.

Simone Gironacci • Italy
Q: Are the ID versions of the ’16 Chiron and Senna really track cars? Their bumpers look too low for the loops. I really hope to be wrong, I don’t wanna see again in future things like the 2018 mainline Audacious with the “Best for track”.
A: They are decent track cars, just not ideal for the loops. You’re right though, they don’t have the upsloped-chin mods like other ID cars have had. I think the inclusion of these in the ID line was meant for the collector. 

Aaron G • Texas
Q: All-knowing Brad! I’m curious as to why it seems several releases are no longer being numbered? I.e. pink party car, legends tour editions, and most recently the dirty blonde Gasser? Is this a cost savings thing or procedural change? I personally like that things are numbered regardless of quantity made. Thank you and stay safe!
A: Haha! Thanks, I feel like Zoltar the great. Mattel typically doesn’t release quantity numbers on products outside of the RLC. Why? Not sure. When the HWC & RLC exclusives came about in 2002, the selling point was that they were limited edition vehicles made exclusively for the Hot Wheels collector. I believe that mindset has changed a little with the recent growth of the RLC. Its more about making cool cars that collectors can appreciate, regardless of quantity. Let the secondary market dictate price/value rather than trying to insert rarity with individually numbered stickers. Rarity is cool as it pertains to your collection and there is no shortage of low production Hot Wheels out there, but I think with the RLC going forward, its more about getting these cool vehicles to collectors that want the product so they don’t have to pay secondary market pricing to get them. Good for the majority of collectors, and good for Mattel. 

John Osbourn • Bellevue, Nebraska
Q: Hey Brad, can you settle my curiosity about the C8 Corvette becoming a Hot Wheels New Model/First Edition for next year’s Hot Wheels Mainline? As always, thanks.
A: I believe someone from Mattel eluded to this being a 2021 New Model. I can’t see why it wouldn’t. Hot Wheels has always produced the new Corvettes and the mid-engine is one of the biggest shifts in the model’s history from a design perspective.

Mark S Green • Ashland, Kentucky
Q: Will they increase the number of RLC memberships because I didn’t get one because they sold out before I could get home from work and will I still receive my dirty blonde because I was a member last year and bought one but since I couldn’t get a membership this year I cant even access my account to check my order history and I saw where one was for sale and in hand but I still have not received mine thank you.
A: Hopefully you received your Dirty Blonde gasser by now. You should have still gotten it despite not being able to sign up for 2020. If you haven’t, find your original order number and give customer service a call.

Russell • Gastonia, North Carolina
Q: Who is Matthew that does unboxings on YouTube? And how does have he things weeks, if not months before anyone else? For example, the new HotWheels display case with the Gasser…he showed that on his YouTube a week or so ago! He said he got it from 1stopdiecast but they are telling me it’s not available until June!
Who is he? How does he get these things before everyone else? Please give me an answer Brad!!! I like Hot Wheels too you know… Thank you…
A: Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels is a channel I subscribe to. I watch all of his videos and obviously post his case unboxings here. While Matthew is the star, him and his dad collect together and are as passionate as any collector. They hunt every day and have great relationships with the distributors. His dad sent me a “behind-the-scenes” picture if you want a visual. 😉

Dylan Koch • Wildwood, Missouri
Q: Thanks again for always answering my questions! I have a lot more…
1.  The new Lamborghini 5-pack was released not too long ago, and it featured the Murcielago SV. Do you think it will ever be possible to find this in stores? Or will scalpers get them first?
A: As with any popular 5-Pack, initially, it will be tough to find. Then, you’ll start seeing them with the popular cars swapped out. Eventually, they will be hanging everywhere. Be patient.
2. The Jesko! I would have had the opportunity to see it in person, but I missed out. But it’s fine because Hot Wheels is releasing it as a Mainline! Again, will I ever find it in stores, like, EVER? I know everyone would die to have it.
A: Yes, I think you will find it. Outside of Super THs and chase cars, I usually don’t have a problem finding new models. Maybe at first, but eventually, no.
3. I remember in the GRAN TURISMO set, there was a Nissan Vision. Will this be in another set, do you think?
A: I have been wondering this too. No idea. It doesn’t seem likely at this point short of being in another Gran Turismo Premium series.
4. When will the VW ID.R in the Thrillclimbers set be unveiled? I am DYING TO SEE IT.
A: I’ve seen pics of it. Looks nice! Don’t die, just be patient.
5. If/when I buy my J case, and if there is a STH in it, what do I do with it? Keep it, and wait a long time until they are very hard to find, or try to sell it right away?
A: I actually used to buy new cases and sell the Treasure Hunt to an eager buyer to help recoup costs. Nowadays, I would just keep it. Then again, I don’t buy cases. It’s really your choice.
6. A new Bentley Continental? It’s a GT3? Again, will it most likely be a trip to E-bay to get one?
A: Patience, my friend.
7. Let’s say I wanted to send drawings to Hot Wheels to see. Do I ship it to them? Or send them via e-mail?
A: Post them on Instagram and tag @hotwheelsdreamteam.
8. The C8 is a truly amazing car. Will it be released as a Hot Wheels, if you had to guess?
A: Yes.
9. Do I wait to get the Boulevard Koenigsegg until the quarantine is over, or do I just buy it online for 15 dollars more?
A: If you can justify the $15 for one, buy it on eBay and save yourself from contracting/spreading COVID-19.
10. Zamac Chiron is going for a lot online. What do I do? Buy it, or wait it out?
A: The ZAMAC Chiron has pretty much come and gone. It may be another you want to get off eBay.
11. Do you think Hot Wheels and Bugatti will come together once again to make the Centodieci?
A: Given the collector response to the Chiron, I am sure Hot Wheels would love to make more Bugattis.
12. I think I remember seeing that a Pagani Huayra Roadster was going to be a future STH. Is this true?
A: It appears so: 2020 Treasure Hunt TRACKER.
13. What will Hot Wheels do to release new models when all of the cars are self-driving or flying?
A: LOL, I don’t think we will be there for a while. By then, who knows. I mean, we have seen an influx of #Electric Vehicles so I assume they’ll make those too.
14. Is the hope for a new Series of Speed Machines Dead? Or is there still hope?
A: There is still hope, but I am sure it will have a different look to it if it is revived.

THANK YOU ALL for your awesome questions! Make sure to check out “ASK BRAD #10.5” tomorrow!

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