NEW(er) Hot Wheels on AMAZON: Car Culture Wild Terrain & Team Transport MIX H

6/22/2020 — There is some new(er) Hot Wheels Premium product hitting Amazon. The current wave of Car Culture (Wild Terrain) is on there, along with the newest mix (H) of Team Transport — all at retail price of course. I will add links to the list below as they become available.

Car Culture / Wild Terrain – $5.49

  1. ’88 Mercedes-Benz Unimog
  2. ’85 Ford Bronco
  3. ’67 Off-Road Camaro
  4. Land Rover Defender 110 Hard Top
  5. ’86 Porsche 959 Rally

Team Transport / Mix H – $12.99

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  1. So, do you realize that this ruins Amazon for most of us the second you announce on here? Just saying.

  2. Hahaha,…yeah John,…next time someone will just whisper it in your ear so no one else in the collector world knows that Amazon sells hot wheels.

  3. Most of the links were no longer valid by the time I got to them but did manage to snag the castrol and boss 302 transports. Two less items to hunt the pegs for. Much appreciated, Brad. Thank you. Now on to this RLC sale….

  4. Man I do appreciate the heads ups you offer, but my head always seems to pop up too late. By the time I hit the links, everything is unavailable or doubled in price. How do you get your notifications from Amazon when these things actually hit?

  5. Thanks Brad for the updates. Yeah I missed the “available” part of the sale, but I always check back cause they do stock up. Keep doing what your doing for us.

  6. Can someone provide a link for the Bronco? The others have come in and out of availability but I cannot find the page for the Bronco.

  7. These (both the Wild Terrain and Team Transport) are finally hitting the big retailers down here in NZ. A little hit and miss though as to what we get. Wasn’t expecting them.

  8. I can’t figure out how to find these cars just by searching hot wheels. Doesn’t make sense. Thanks for the links!

  9. Got all the Transports and the 959. Added them to my Amazon list and checked them every day until they showed at retail price. Took a few weeks but got them all!

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