3DBotMaker teases upcoming 2021 Hot Wheels Rally Car; To make debut on YouTube channel (UPDATED 6/15)

6/13/2020 — The 3Dbotmaker YouTube Channel is a must-watch. Even if you’re not into playing with your cars, watching him play with his is truly something to behold. Southern California native, Adriel Johnson started his channel back in 2014 mainly as a way to showcase his custom 3D-printed Hot Wheels track accessories. A couple years later, he really hit his niche by fully embracing his love for “Diecast Sports Action Racing” — dedicating the channel to producing videos of the highest quality.

Recently the 3Dbotmaker morphed into one of the only “sports” not affected by the Coronavirus pandemic as his viewership — which was already well on the rise — took an exponential rise as homebodies turned on YouTube, and tuned in to watch some extremely high-quality videos with marvelous commentary. I’ve have been following 3D for a couple years now and simply adore what he has built. TheDrive wrote an excellent article on 3D several weeks ago, and its been cool watching his content show up on viral sites like eBaum’s World and Reddit.

One of my favorite aspects of the channel — besides his epic camera work and custom-built sets — is the banter between 3D and co-host, “2DBotMaker”. 2D is known to be as colorful as a color analyst can be, and his antics always seem to spice up the videos with the occasional twist. In the latest teaser 3D did for the DRC (Diecast Rally Championship) Event 3, it appears 2D “got a hold of” Hot Wheels Marketing Manager, Jimmy Liu from Mattel and Jimmy supplied a 2021 Hot Wheels prototype to be unveiled — and raced — on the channel in this next event.

I talked with Jimmy last night and he confirmed. The unveiling should be worth watching as we know 3D won’t hold back on the production value. Keep your eye’s peeled for the video to drop. I will post it here when it does!

UPDATE 6/15/2020 — There we have it! 3Dbotmaker — well, actually 2D — unveiled the prototype of the 2021 Hot Wheels Lancia Delta Integrale. Check out the video below and see how it races in the DRC tournament.

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  1. I have watched these EPIC racing video when I was at home during the peak of the pandemic…and let me tell you…these guys are GREAT and the commentary and racing action is BETTER than the “real thing” out on the tracks!!! I want to see MORE!!! Keep them coming!

  2. I’ve watched a couple of the videos. Well worth the time. The commentary is priceless! LOLOLOL

  3. The garage video is showing a Lancia Delta Integrale…could it be? I know HW is releasing a Lancia 037…

  4. I just watching a few months ago & man is stuff fun to watch, if you live & love anything die cast!
    Very professional gig what with the camera quality, funny, witty commentary, awesome track design & layout ‘graphics’ if you will, but the action is entertaining, as well as sometimes unpredictable!
    I like watching the makes go at like Ferrari Tournaments or Porsche and a bunch of other neat races.
    Can’t miss it!

  5. You spot lighted these guys and in my eyes that’s a big recommendation, so I went to YT and watched the video you mentioned and now I’m hooked. The videos they make are great and I find myself really getting into the action like I do when watching an actual racing event. And I love the commentary between 2D&3D. Wish I had discovered them earlier. Thanks Brad.

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