Donut Media does feature on Hot Wheels: “How HOT WHEELS Beat Out Matchbox”

2/3/2020 — Chances are, if you’re following the team over at Donut Media on YouTube, your knowledge of Car Culture is infinitely more cool than those that don’t. These guys make learning about cars entertaining as I’ve enjoyed their videos since they first partnered with Hot Wheels in 2018 as part of the Legends Tour. They also did this epic “Evolution of Hot Wheels” video that has nearly 2,000,000 views.

Today, the Donut team launched a new video telling the story of “How Hot Wheels Beat Out Matchbox” which includes several aspects of how the original cars were manufactured all-the-way-through the design process of today and why certain cars exists in certain series. Its a great watch for sure, and one that you need to check out! You can view that below.

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