1/30/2020 — If you’re still looking for what could possibly be the BEST MIX of TEAM TRANSPORT, look no further than Amazon which currently (at the time of this post) has all three sets for $12.99 & Free Shipping. I’ve already written my thoughts on this stellar mix in the full-length feature here on OTD. So, if you’re still in need of these, pick them up for retail price today!

2020 Hot Wheels Car Culture / Team Transport MIX G

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    • They were all $12.99 earlier today…. I grabbed another Union76 TT for myself. Looks like a lot of people ordered. Either way, keep checking back as Amazon keeps replenishing the stock.

      • So, if supply does replenish, should it reflect the original price $12.99? If it doesn’t, might as well wait until maybe March/April when they pile the pegs & just pay retail. The previous releases (i.e. Jag, Skyline & Ford) sets are flooding shelves.

    • Thanks for the tip! I got a case plus the Mongoose Transport. With shipping, they each cost only about 15 bucks. Great deal. And everything arrived fast, in mint condition.

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