New Hot Wheels iD vehicles available for pre-order!

12/18/2019 — Some collectors have had success finding the newest #Hot Wheels iD vehicles at Target, others have not. For those that have not, more of the newest Hot Wheels iD vehicles have popped up for PRE-ORDER on AMAZON. This batch includes (what I assume will be) the highly-coveted, first release of the Hot Wheels Jurassic Park Jeep, as well as freshly-converted “Hellcat Police Car” in the ’15 Dodge Charger SRT. The Night Burner — formerly Mega Thrust — rounds out the trio of new iD vehicles available for pre-order. To get the links for the other iD cars that are available for order, make sure you check out the OTD iD TRACKER.

Orange Track Diecast

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    • The batmobile vaition is on the tv series bat. One has a floor board on the passager side with a sifter close to the dash and the other has a open floor on both sides and the shiferbetween the seats. Im another collector with both

  1. Thanks Brad for the “heads up”! I hope to see the other missing 2019 cars “pop up” soon…The Fiat 500, the Audi and a few others!

    • A friend of mine found the Fiat in a Target in the Charlotte area. Between Amazon and Target I’ve been able to get all ones I want pretty easily. Including the TV Batmobile with the interior variation.

  2. That Jurassic Park Jeep is a must for me. Thanks for the heads up. Amazon id is a bit of a hot mess to navigate so this post is a much needed helping hand.

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