Mattel wants your input! Help plan Hot Wheels for 2021 and beyond.

12/3/2019 — To have Mattel come to you and solicit your input is every collectors dream, right? I mean, who else would jump at the chance to ride the Haul of Flame over to the Hot Wheels Design Center to be in a planning meeting with Hot Wheels marketing and have all their favorite castings (or wishlist cars) inserted into the Hot Wheels 2021 lineup and beyond. I know I would. This is your chance to play a pivotal role in getting the types of vehicles you like made. Also, its a way to voice your opinion on the ways you like — and how you want to — buy Hot Wheels. The survey below is being conducted by the Hot Wheels marketing team to better understand YOU and of course, make better products.

Orange Track Diecast

Haul of Flame Shuttle at the Hot Wheels Design Center

This is your chance to be heard — essentially be in that planning meeting and have a direct line of input. All results will be tallied, anything written will be read. Make sure you are clear! The link to the survey is below, and should only take you about 10 minutes. Should you really want to go into detail though, there’s room. All completed surveys will be entered to win a prize as well.

If there is one constant in this hobby, its that collectors are constantly yearning for more: More cars, more content, more ways to buy & collect! We all like what we like, but THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to help plan the future of the brand.


Oh, and make sure to include OTD as a place you get your Hot Wheels news and content fix from. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. As alway BRAD I am one of your big fans. I found out about Period Correct and Anti Social Social sales on your OTD Site. I missed out on them but would never had known about them until I came to your site. Keep up the great work BRAD.

  2. you could bring back casting that were in the 1990 and 2000 as I personally think that these years were the best from Mattel good old muscle cars
    more aussie cars Holden torano commodore
    Ford falcon would be amazing

  3. Done! I hope they do more iconic classic race cars like the R32 GT-R Gibson, and the E46 M3 GTR, or the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500.

  4. I took the survey and hope to see the classics series return with a bit of tweaking. The Classics should be classic castings. That means at least 20 years old. Would love to have the original 1968 lineup and all the others brought back in a series as well. No spectra flame or that god awful bent suspension crap. I would be happy with plastic base , metal body and newer paint and tires. At least we could have the cars we had as kids and not pay some crazy price for a car all beat to hell and can’t roll anymore.

  5. How about a “Nostalgia” series to include castings that have not been used in decades like Low Down, Stage Fright, Hi-Tail Hauler, Dog Fighter, Rail Rodder, etc. Also instead of continuously using certain castings (Bone Shaker), How about rotating to see those castings that have been missed for so long.

  6. They call me cootman, I think maybe you need a little help. First of all the Treasure Hunt selection both the regular and Supers pretty lame to say the list. The Buns of Steel really, can we not do better than that. The regular selection has gone down hill sense 2013 the supers just in the past 3-4 years. There is a reason why these cars are being let on the pegs, nobody wants them.
    On another missed front, The 50th anniversary car selection. I believe both the Regular and Super T- Hunts you should have brought back the original 16. Then add a mainline series on top of that, guys would have went crazy looking for those. Then add a couple of variations to the main line OMG.

  7. Like to see 99 Nissan Maxima in blue from fast and furious movie, I think it will be a big hit, no toy company has offered it, also more headlights and tail lights details on street cars for more realistic look. Like to see matchbox efforts on the skyline line of cars, more jdm please.

  8. How about a Triumph saloon such as 2500, or Dolomite sprint, or even a Stag please, i’d like to see updated Holden commodores, ve vf please, the vt has been used and was cool so imagine what hot wheels can do here, I am such a big fan and enjoy collecting, so keep up the good work, thank you.

  9. I would like there to be a hot wheels sizzlers series but make them like the normal hot wheels and in the same box because I would definitely collect them Keep up the great work

  10. I would be nice to have,

    -Rimac Concept one
    -Bugatti La Voiture Noire
    -Bugatti veyron SS
    -Mclaren 675LT
    -Mclaren 12c GT3
    -Mclaren F1
    -Chrysler ME 4 12
    -Ariel Atom 3.5
    -Ariel Atom V8
    -Bentley Bentayga
    -Mercedes AMG SLS
    -Pontiac Solstice
    -Lexus LFA
    -Lexus IS F
    -Zenvo ST1
    -BMW M3 GTS
    -BMW M6

    I would spend my time and $$$$ to look and buy these

  11. 70’s dodge custom mural vans like back in the day … i’d collect them all as well as 100’s i know would

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