9/30/2019 — The newest wave of #Hot Wheels iD has been hitting Target stores for the last couple of days with a set date of 10/6. That’s great for those collectors who love to hit their local stores every day. In case you have missed out, or prefer to shop online, Amazon has the next wave for sale as well — along with the Amazon Exclusive, Rodger Dodger. These are in addition to the Batman Arkham Asylum Batmobile that was released last week. The iD app has been updated to grab those cars and scan those chips!

Use the links below to purchase:

Hot Wheels iD WAVE 4

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No word yet on where the 1966 TV Series Batmobile is on Amazon. Since it has already started appearing at Target, there is a possibility that it is a Target Exclusive. More to come…

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    • I’m planning on heading to a Target tomorrow, so i’m wondering too, if these ID cars aren’t in the toy section.. will they be found in the electronic section with Apple merchandise?

  1. I pre-ordered the ’66 Batmobile on Amazon when the id series first appeared. It stated they were back ordered until Feb 2020. I found a ’66 yesterday in Target and then check amazon again, still says back ordered until 2/2020.

  2. I had the same issue – pre-ordered the BM from Amazon, they then removed it from the site and my date went from “ships Friday” to ships in 2020. Now, a few weeks ago, it appeared on Amazon and I grabbed it. Just finishing grabbing this current set but Rip Rod is on backorder, now (at least it’s not 2020).

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