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Retail Now: US Walmarts inundated with new Hot Wheels product; Here is what to look for!

8/9/2019 — The usual Hot Wheels summer lull is over as US Walmarts have begun to reset their toy sections. For me, this is typically a great time to hunt. I decided to check out my local Walmart last night and I was greeted with a pallet full of new Hot Wheels product.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport, Street Tuners, Mystery Models, and other various Themed Assortments on a pallet at a Phoenix-area Walmart (August 8, 2019)

What you can’t see are the other two pallets, just like this, that were right around the corner. On them were the latest Car Culture: Team Transport mix D and Street Tuners, followed by Mystery Models Series 3 and endless amounts of various Themed Assortment cases. My initial reason for going was to try and snag some 2019 “N” case mainline cars (with ZAMACs), the Nissan Team Transport, and the new FORZA Motorsport Themed Assortment that are hitting in the seasonal “trains” (aisle displays) that Walmart gets. I saw reports of a few Walmarts in my area putting them out already, but this was not one of them.

So despite striking out on 2019 N case, N case ZAMACs, and FORZA, I did finally get the Nissan Team Transport to stay up-to-date on my Team Transport collection. I left the rest for the next collectors as I already have Street Tuners, the newest Mystery Models, and the older themed assortments.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport & Street Tuners on the pegs of the Phoenix-area Walmart (August 8, 2019)

Also, I already had 11 of the 12 Mystery Models Series 3 — which are a cool grunge-style, warehouse / loading docks theme. The lone car I was missing was not any of the “chase” cars, but rather the #11 Cruise Bruiser. Speaking with several other collectors that have been finding these, their finds have yielded similar results: roughly 3 to 4 of the “ultra chase” ’69 Mustang Boss 302 PER BOX (2 boxes per case), and only 1 Cruise Bruiser per CASE. Not sure how that happened and if it was intentional, but it appears the Cruise Bruiser is the true Ultra Chase despite the packaging saying the Mustang is. Please let me know what you find, and if you can corroborate my findings.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels Cruise Bruiser from the 2019 Mystery Models Series 3

So, suffice to say, my finds weren’t grand (or even “super”), but I did fill a few holes. Has your Walmart reset its Hot Wheels aisle yet? Lets us know what you are finding.

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  1. Hope Vegas area Walmart’s get huge shipment like those. The closest Walmart to me has like 4 week droughts

  2. I came across 2 new boxes of mysteries last month, and got all 12 models. But I think 11 wasn’t in 1 of the boxes at all.

  3. Finally started seeing the D-case Team Transports hit my area Walmart’s (Geenville, SC area) but still no sign of ANY Car Culture Street Tuners (still waiting on 2nd wave of Silhouettes as they were VERY LIMETED in this area and I was fortunate to make ONE complete set for myself and still need a Monza to complete my sons set (who’s in the Navy and relies on me getting his stuff)or Pop Culture Beatles which I was thinking should have started hitting by now as well!! Ah well at least I got our Team Transport’s sets and don’t have to run all over God’s creation to find ’em this go-round!!! I’m actually very very eager to see the Car Culture Desert Rally set hit as that is my cup-of-tea!!!!

  4. Reporting from Nashville/Middle Tennessee area- latest TT’s, CHECK. Street Tuners, CHECK, we just got “M” case in some of the wal-marts, (sporadically in Targets too) haven’t seen the series 3 Mystery releases.

  5. Found one cruiser bruiser out of four boxes this weekend in Western NC. The chases had been taken from all four boxes when I got to them. They left a CB behind. Guess they didn’t know. Also found new zamacs with F&F end caps.

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