Our first look at Hot Wheels 2020 New Model, 2JETZ; the 2018 Legends Tour Winner in the package!

5/18/2019 — The 2019 Hot Wheels Legends Tour made its way back home to El Segundo, California this weekend for its annual event at the Mattel Design Center. Hot Wheels brought out its full garage of 1:1 cars, and had stars like Jay Leno and Adam Carolla come out in support of the brand’s flagship event. While the Hot Wheels Legends Tour began in 2018 as part of the brand’s 50th Anniversary festivities, it seems as though this could be an annual tour as it was brought back — bigger and better — for 2019.

If you remember, last year’s tour picked one car from each tour stop as a finalist — with the grand prize being the winner’s car made into Hot Wheels form. And… if you have been following OTD, you saw that Luis Rodriguez and his car “2Jetz” was announced as the winner at SEMA last October. Well, today in El Segundo, we finally saw his car immortalized in Hot Wheels form as it was unveiled at the 2019 Legends Tour stop at the Design Center.

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2Jetz from the 2020 Hot Wheels mainline / HW Dream Garage series … as seen at the 2019 El Segundo Design Center Legends Tour stop

As previously reported, the 2Jetz will be in the 2020 Hot Wheels mainline, under the HW Dream Garage segment. It will appear in the first case assortment for 2020 which should hit stores in September. This is the third car Hot Wheels has unveiled for 2020 in the last few weeks as the @hotwheelsdreamteam has also shown the Subaru Impreza WRX STi 22B and the ’89 Porsche 944 Turbo.

Special thank you goes to Matthew from Matthew on Cars & Hot Wheels on YouTube for snapping the picture of the 2Jetz. Thanks, Matthew!!!

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  1. Pretty sweet! But will it reach the same status as the “Stagefright”?😂
    and YES I’ll be getting one or two of these when they drop…

    • LOL, hard to touch the reputation of the Stage Fright, BUT this thing does have a heck of a story behind it already… and it hasn’t even been released.

  2. looks really dumb rolling around in that big ass blister , im sure the kiddos will like it but im not a fan, might grab one to see how it performs on the track…

  3. Amazed at the hate this casting is getting. It’s a real car and not a fantasy car, but the collectors are bitching about it like it was a fantasy car. Oh well, their loss. Let ’em hate it. Just means it will be easy to find on the pegs. And all the fool scalpers & hoarders will ignore it. I will be getting a couple when the casting drops to market. One to keep, and one to customize as a playing piece for a tabletop auto combat board game. Hope Hot Wheels makes a X-Raycer and Super Chrome casting out of this as well. Hot Wheels needs to produce more castings of this kind to break up all the JDM and Gasser crap that fills the pegs.

  4. As a real vehicle or not, this is what Hot Wheels mainline is mostly about. It may not warm the pegs as much as others initially, but it won’t be far behind.

  5. The only car worthy of the Top Prize. Great selection Hot Wheels! You didn’t let me down this time. This is a REAL car, made from scratch from the creator’s imagination. So it pretty much embodies what Hot Wheels is all about. Those criticizing the car and the choice are nothing but wannabees who don’t appreciate what it took to create and build this car because they can’t conceive it. They don’t have the genius, knowhow, intelligence, commitment, imagination, originality and passion. What would they have chosen? a Hot Rod? a “licensed car”? More of the same stuff. Psshhhh!

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