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Retail Now: Kroger stores get fresh 2019 “E” case shipper with ZAMAC Flames, Disney and Car Culture / Open Track

4/27/2019 — I ventured out to my local Fry’s Grocery Store here in Phoenix, tonight. Its a Kroger affiliate, and I had heard through the grapevine that Kroger stores were getting in fresh 2019 “E” case shippers. After confirming the success of several collectors scoring that elusive Back to the future Super Treasure Hunt found in said “E” cases at Kroger, I decided to have myself a look. I was met with every “E” case car — including MOMO Datsun 510s, Tesla with Starman, Honda Monkey TH, common BTTF Time Machine, etc. — but came up empty handed when it came to the super. My search for that one continues…

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2019 “E” case assortment in a shipper at a Fry’s Grocery (Kroger) in Phoenix, AZ on April 27, 2019.

What I was shocked to see (in another other third of this display) was quite the assortment of other Hot Wheels product lines. There were full sets of Car Culture / Open Track, Pop Culture / Disney, and Themed Asst / Mickey & Friends. Also, 6 of the 8 cars from the ZAMAC Flames series (2018) were in there (7 & 8 were missing). I had figured those to be a Walmart Exclusive, so that was weird seeing them at a different retailer, and a year later. Either way, its nothing new, but a chance for some of you to fill some holes in your collections when it comes to these series… oh, and if you do find an extra BTTF Super, remember your old friend, Brad at OTD. 😉

Orange Track Diecast

Hot Wheels 2018/2019 assortment (Car Culture / Open Track, Pop Culture / Disney, Themed Assortment / Mickey & Friends, and ZAMAC Flames) in a shipper at a Fry’s Grocery (Kroger) in Phoenix, AZ on April 27, 2019.

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  1. very lame shippers… guess the zamac series from last year is NOT a wally world exclusive…….haaa

  2. FWIW I managed to assemble the entire ZAMAC set from 3 different Ralph’s. It seems like either each individual shipper only has part of the set, or that others got there before me…

  3. I’ve been through at least 6 of these, found the Monkey TH in 2 of them but no luck on that super yet.

  4. Friday before last had to make a water n ice run late in the day and happend upon a every hunters dream. 4 yes 4 full shipping displays and 3 others in various stages of assembly. I stood there muttering to myself waiting for the lighting bold. Spotted a clerk and asked her if I could go for it. Guess how many supers and htf’s? ZERO all the cases had been opened and pillaged, the guy who was setting up the displays came back about 20 minutes into my frenzy said he had been at “lunch” Asked him if anyone had been at this before me and was told one regular hunter comes in everyday was on the other side. Sarcasm in my voice I said “Does he pay better than $20 per super?” Frys on bell rd and 29th Phoenix Arizona if anyone’s wondering……

    • Yikes… Didn’t even know Water N Ice carries Hot Wheels. I’ve never been in one before. Guess I’ll have to add them to the list of stores to check.

  5. My local Kroger just got these shippers the other day, they were placed by the dairy…lol..but I picked up some Zamacs

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