Car Culture / Team Transport mixes 1 & 2 NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon

1/29/2019 — How has your luck been in finding the #Car Culture / Team Transport line at retail? Personally, I have done okay as I have found 5 of the 6 releases so far. For some reason that #ADVAN set has eluded me at retail. Fortunately, online hunting can be just as fruitful as the traditional way of driving store to store.

I just found that ADVAN Team Transport set with the ’69 Nissan Skyline Van and the Carry On, on Amazon, for the series retail price of $12.99 — plus free shipping! — so I decided to share the links out to any of you guys who are looking to fill the voids retail has left in your collecting hearts.

Below are links to the six releases thus far. At the time of posting this the Urban Outlaw, GReddy, ADVAN and MOMO sets are $12.99 while the Mongoose set is $13.15 and the Snake set is $13.90 (plus free shipping). Let us know what you get!

Car Culture / Team Transport — ON AMAZON!

  1. URBAN OUTLAW (Porsche 359 Speedster & Volkswagen Transporter T1 Pickup)
  2. GREDDY (Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX & Sakura Sprinter)
  3. ADVAN (’69 Nissan Skyline Van & Carry On)
  4. SNAKE (’72 Plymouth Cuda Funny Car & Retro Rig)
  5. MONGOOSE (Plymouth Duster Funny Car & Retro Rig)
  6. MOMO (Porsche 962 & Fleet Flyer)

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  1. Thank You! I’ve had the ADVAN in my hands a couple of times but didn’t pull the trigger. Afterwards i got the other ones without a problem but never saw that one again

  2. Cool hopefully the next mix will show up on Amazon as well. Oddly, I’ve been seeing the Advan set everywhere in the last few weeks bud hadnt seen it since summer before that

  3. Damn i was hoping for the MIX3 to be on amazon……. but screw amazon since they always cancel my preorders for HW stuff due to lack of inventory mumbo jumbo…lol Im sure mix 3 will be all over retail just like the first 2 mixes started showing up near holidays, shit i left the snake and mongoose transports at a few stores since i have the entire set loose and on card

  4. $21+ for the Mongoose? Save your money and keep hunting. I found two sets of these at one Target the week after Christmas during one visit and continue to see the other models from this mix on the shelves for the past few weeks. I’m certain there is a lot of stock that has not been put out on the shelves yet and I am certain I will find more of the Snake & Mongoose.

    • Dick, it was $13 when I posted the article. With Amazon, once an item sells out, it defaults to the 3rd party sellers — that of whom you are seeing the price increase.

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