Hot Wheels x Period Correct PROMO goes on sale this Saturday 12/8 (UPDATED 12/3)

12/2/2018 — Hot Wheels has teamed up with another clothing brand to deliver another exclusive Hot Wheels car. While many collectors are still feeling sticker-shock from the $120 Tanner Fox “Fox Box” Guaczilla promo, this promotion is for what looks to be a #Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II inside a Hot Wheels backpack — from the clothing brand, Period Correct. No details yet on what the promotion will entail, but a sale date/time of this upcoming Saturday, 12/8 at 9AM PST was given courtesy of the @periodcorrect Instagram account. When we get more details on price/promotion, the update will be posted below.

UPDATED 12/3/2018 — @periodcorrect confirmed that the promotional car will be the #Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II. They also stated in the comments of the post below that they will be sold individually. No word yet on price.

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    • They will be posted on the period correct website usually once it’s the exact time they say they’re on sale. If you refresh the page once that time hits it should show up.

  1. I was on the site waiting on the sale to start. I missed out. I got to PAYPAL PAY and it was SOLDOUT. For $20 bucks and in an acrylic case with a HOTWHEELS LOGO on the case. No regrets for not getting one.

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