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Retail Now: 2019 “C” case assortment hits TARGET with the first 2019 RED EDITIONS

11/23/2018 — Its Black Friday here in the United States as retailers have opened as early as last night so shoppers can try to beat each other for door buster deals. Sounds like our daily grind collecting (without the masses), huh? Well, there are no days off from that grind as 2019 “C” cases have officially landed at Target here in the U.S. and they are showing up with the first we’ve seen of the 2019 Red Editions — Target’s exclusive Hot Wheels series.

Since all 2019 store exclusives and treasure hunts are numbered once again, these do feature the collector number up in the upper-right corner of the blister card. For the Red Editions this year, their numbers will be the same as the casting’s mainline series counterpart (ie. the Red Edition ’57 Chevy and the HW Flames ’57 Chevy are both #9/250).

Several collectors have reporting finding these today, and the finds seem to be localized in southern California, but the rest of the U.S. should expect these to appear in the coming week. Special thanks to @1random_hwcollecthor on Instagram for allowing my to share his finds with you!

2019 Target Red Editions – Mix “C”

  1. ’57 Chevy
  2. Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
  3. Volkswagen Golf GTi

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  1. figures cali gets everything first since they have the largest sea port of entry into the USA… Im sure those will hit the midwest by

    • I live in Cali near that big port and have to say that sadly, that isn’t true. I sometimes wait for months for new cases.

  2. Well, my local Target here in San Diego just cracked open 2 of these new cases and funny thing is.. Only one of them had the Corvette Grand Sport Roadster. But on those 3 Red editions I like the Lambo.

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