Volkswagen T1 Rockster NOW ON SALE!

10/10/2018 — Lost in the shuffle of the post-convention hangover was the sale of the Volkswagen T1 Rockster, yesterday at 9AM PDT. Traditionally these have been the sales collectors have missed and after an item sells out, collectors ask when it even went on sale, so…. HERE IS YOUR WARNING! This special edition, Volkswagen T1 Rockster is ON SALE NOW!

Its a great multi-piece tool — I think I was told 8 pieces — designed by Phil Riehlman, that has only been released as a convention dinner model thus far. It will never be released at retail so if you are looking to obtain this casting, now is probably the cheapest you’ll ever find it.

So, I know your wallet my be feeling the burn from the convention (or obtaining convention models), but consider the Volkswagen T1 Rockster as its truly a nice piece (and limited to 7,000) … can’t wait to get mine!

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