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Retail Now: WALMART getting in 2018 Q Case, ZAMACs, and some 2019 A case cars

9/26/2018 — Imagine my surprise walking into my local Walmart tonight and coming into an untouched box of five shelf displays. Take it a step further when I ask the toys employee if I can open it and he says, “yes” — despite the pegs already being full. Crazy right? Well, there was a third surprise when I opened this shipper… 2019 Hot Wheels! Wait, what??? They’re out? I haven’t even seen a 2019 “A” case unboxing video yet and I am finding them at retail??? Yeah, feel like someone needs to pinch me…

To top that off, I found the remaining 2018 “Q” case cars I needed (including the last wave of ZAMACs). Oh, and what’s this? A Super Treasure Hunt Cruella De Vil (x2)? This may have been my best score this year!

All of the cars in my cart pic are spoken for as I have many people that help me out. However, the point of this post was to let you know that these cars are hitting now! Along with these were cases of #Car Culture / Circuit Legends, more #MOPAR Series, and more #ZAMACs — all left for the next person. Stop in at Walmart tonight, tomorrow morning, or sometime within the next few days, and look for these now.

Orange Track Diecast

Walmart finds from September 26, 2018: 2018 Q Case, Last Wave of 2018 ZAMACs, Cruella De Vil Super Treasure Hunts, and some 2019 A case cars

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  1. With that luck, I hope you also bought a lotto ticket! Awesome timing and great finds! I really appreciate you posting this as I’m in Phoenix as well and will look around.

    • Thanks, Kevin. Not sure what is left, but this was at the Tatum & Bell Walmart. There were lots of ZAMACs, Circuit Legends, 2019 and MOPAR (with the Power Wagon) to be had… hopefully the next person didn’t clear out all the good stuff.

    • I saw those too. I just didn’t pick them up because I thought they were 2018 releases (while at the store) ….DOH! Can you blame me though? I was blinded by treasure. 😉

  2. I found the same thing. 5 shelf trays waiting for someone, me to go thru. I picked up the same as the picture. But i got 1 super 3 regulars and the last 3 zamacs. Was a surprise to see the case on the pallet not opened yet.

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