September is HOT WHEELS MONTH 2018 at Walmart

9/8/2018 — Hot Wheels Month 2018 is an event FOR KIDS to play on various Hot Wheels track sets at various Walmart stores across the United States. Its unclear if new Hot Wheels stock will be provided for these events, as these are kid-centric events, rather than the event at Kmart this month which is geared towards collectors (of all ages).

This is a newer event, so not all details are out yet. I had to do some digging just to get the DATES, TIMES & LIST OF PARTICIPATING STORES because these events are being promoted at the store-level versus online advertising.

Those that are bringing their kids, please send me your pictures ( > Subject: “Hot Wheels Month”), and I will post them in this article. Enjoy the event and let us know how it goes!

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  1. My friend told me about this, I checked 3 local Walmarts during the specified times, and none of them had anything set up. Asked managers, they hadn’t heard anything either.

  2. Went to my local WalMart yesterday during the scheduled time. My boy enjoyed playing – they had a pop-up table set up with connected stations and loose cars but that was it. No special cars, no heavy promotion, no new cases on the pegs at this particular location either. Just a low-key, hands-on event for the kids but that was it.

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