CEU unveils the second 32nd Annual Hot Wheels Convention Souvenir Car

8/1/2018 — Its August and that means the 32nd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention in Los Angeles is a little over two months away. The folks over at Collectors Events Unlimited unveiled the second souvenir car for this year’s convention (check out the first here). Starting October 3rd, convention goers at the 32nd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention will be able to purchase three of these Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagons per paid ticket — 6,000 of these were produced and ticket sales were capped at 1,700.

The release is already being referred to as “DAT BLU” due to the car’s blue-on-blue color scheme and blue interior… oh yeah, and the license plate says it too. The Datsun Bluebird 510 Wagon casting is super hot right now and the #Hot Wheels Race Team deco always satisfies my collection needs. Come October, collectors will be adding this one to their collection, OR attempting to recoup some of those convention expenses. Either way, this one should appease the masses as it is expected to sell out at the event.

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