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Retail Now: HW 50th Originals Collection “Replica Redlines” hit the U.S.; Fry’s Electronics First!

4/11/2018 — Rumor had it that Fry’s Electronics were getting in the brand-new, Hot Wheels 50th Originals Collection known as the “Replica Redlines”. This was a bit of a shock considering they aren’t scheduled to be released in the United States for over a month, due to a street date of 5/19 — which, coincides with the “Golden Ticket Promotion” (more on that later). Well as it turned out, my local Fry’s Electronics store had the display you see below. Each car was priced at $5.49 + Tax. Happy hunting!

Orange Track Diecast

HW 50th Originals Collection “Replica Redlines” ‘store display inside a Fry’s Electronics store on 4/11/2018

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  1. Awesome finds congrats thumbs up. I will be on the hunt for those when they come to New York thumbs up.

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