Hot Wheels 18th Annual Nationals Convention SOUVENIR CARS REVEALED!

02/15/2018 — This year the 18th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals Convention lands in Dallas. In terms of #Convention Vehicles, Hot Wheels collectors can expect some of the heaviest hitters in the Hot Wheels lineup. So far, Collectors Events Unlimited has shown us the two souvenir cars which will be available in the souvenir room during the duration of the convention — the #’66 Chevy Super Nova and the #’83 Chevy Silverado. Collector response has already been overwhelmingly positive to these two.

The last three convention exclusive vehicles (RLC, dinner and finale) most likely won’t be unveiled until the convention in April, so those will remain a mystery for now. Oooh suspense!

Its worth noting that both souvenir cars will be limited to 5,000 this year despite souvenir car production quantities being in the 2,800 to 3,000 range last year — and, that there are only 2 vehicles, versus 3 last year. CEU has also confirmed that purchase quantities are now 3 per ticket holder versus 2 per last year.

Souvenir Car #1: ’66 CHEVY SUPER NOVA

The last convention #Gasser — the #’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser from the Pittsburgh Nationals Convention — caused quite the commotion last year as it was easily the hottest car in Pittsburgh. Will this one cause the same scene? That will remain to be seen, but given the fact that this one has a new process that was used to texture the roof like snake skin, you can bet the majority of attendees will be “in for the max” on the Copperhead.

Souvenir Car #2: ’83 CHEVY SILVERADO

Despite the popularity of the #’83 Chevy Silverado, we have never seen it as a convention vehicle before, so you can bet its another “in for the max” situation for most attendees. The ’83 Chevy Silverado 4×4 went over well in Indianapolis (2016), but this is the O.G. version of the ’83 Silverado that has quite the following.

With these two heavy hitters announced, its hard to imagine how the folks at Hot Wheels and CEU can top these with the RLC, Dinner and Finale cars, but somehow you know — as the old saying goes — you haven’t seen anything yet!

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