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Want that Spectraflame look without paying the Spectraflame price? Try DUPLI-COLOR® METALCAST® Spray Paint

I don’t typically talk about Hot Wheels customizing here, because — lets be frank — I don’t offer much expertise in the matter. If you wanted advice on how to start a custom, and never finish it, I would be your guy. Other than that, I would like to share a few tips I have learned along the way from many of the brilliant Hot Wheels customizers out there.

Along the way, I have always wanted to mimic the Hot Wheels #Spectraflame Paint finish. Since I am not airbrush savvy and realize that spectraflame paint can be very costly, I have never gone that route — I have always been more of a “rattle-can” customizer. Well, thanks to the advice of a great customizer from Odessa, TX named Agustin Hernandez (@ahjcustoms76 on Instagram), he has provided me with a working solution for spectraflame at the rattle-can level. Agustin uses a new product from Dupli-Color® called Metalcast® to make quite a few customs and the results are stunning.

Now, lets get one thing straight, the paint is great and allows for you to achieve the look without going the airbrush route, HOWEVER, nothing substitutes for the great ground work that goes into creating a custom. In this case, its stripping the casting and either getting them chromed, OR using a buffing compound, very high numbered sand paper and using metal polish to get that diecast metal super shiny. Then its Dupli-Color® Metalcast® time. If this sound interesting enough to try, you can check out your local auto parts store and see if they have these paints in stock — which I have heard they don’t carry all the colors in most cases. If you want to skip the hassle, I invite you to purchase through the Amazon links I have below.

Dupli-Color® Metalcast® GROUND COAT
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED BLUE
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED GREEN
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED ORANGE
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED PURPLE
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED RED
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED SMOKE
Dupli-Color® Metalcast® ANODIZED YELLOW

If you decide to try these out, or have used them already, comment below so we can arrange to have your photos below to show off your unique results.

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