NEW! McDonald’s Hot Wheels 8-Car Set for 2017

02/22/2017 — McDonald’s is once again releasing Hot Wheels (along with Barbie) in its Happy Meals. It looks like they are slated for a March release. In typical McDonald’s fashion, these Hot Wheels mimic the ones made by Mattel. Since they are made specifically for McDonald’s, the castings are slightly different from the ones that appear in the Hot Wheels mainline. These look to be short versions of their mainline counterparts.

2017 McDonald’s Hot Wheels Promotion

  • Street Shaker (formerly known as Hammerhead)
  • 24 Ours
  • Torque Twister
  • Formula Street
  • Spin King
  • Hollowback
  • Dawgzilla
  • Dune Crusher



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  1. Remember when they “actually” gave away Hotwheels? Not the bogus plastic injected rip offs of recent. Those were the days.

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