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The 1995 Photo Finish Series was particularly cool because it was the only time a series of Hot Wheels vehicles had an image on the side of them. Each vehicle in the 4-car series featured an image of a location in the United States on it. The series was comprised of the following Hot Wheels castings (and locations):
1. Ford Aerostar (Washington DC) with images of the Capitol, White House, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.
2. Blimp (Los Angeles, CA) with images of LAX, Mattel headquarters, the Chinese Theater and the Hollywood sign with “HOT WHEELS” in its place.
3. Tank Truck (Black Hills, SD) with an image of Mount Rushmore on it.
4. Hiway Hauler (New York City, NY) with images of the Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center and the Empire State Building.

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Photo Finish Series: HIWAY HAULER

I always stress rediscovering your collection here at Diecast Motorsports as it takes your mind off of always obtaining the lastest diecast vehicles. Its always important to experience the journey and not just focus on the end result. If you abide by this philosophy, you’ll find yourself appreciating […]