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Started in Hot Wheels as an intern in his senior year at ArtCenter college of design. After graduating with a degree in Industrial Design, he was hired into Hot Wheels design team. He’s been with the group for 8 years and has been his first job coming out of school. Kevin is part of the Hot Wheels Innovation team that designs product for the brand that is not a diecast car or track sets, product like “Ballistiks” “ Battle Force 5” and “HotWheels StreetHawk.” As a huge fan of cars and design Kevin jumps on every chance he gets to work on a diecast car. He’s first diecast car was done while as an intern in 2007 named “Cloak and Dagger.” On the side he’s an avid scale model builder in cars, tanks, and robots. Also likes to tinker with RC toys like short course trucks and planes. On the large toy side, he also take it to the canyons with his 2015 Mustang GT.
Some of Kevin’s vehicle he worked on:
Basic: Cloak and Dagger (2007), Acura NSX (2008), The Dark Knight Bat Pod (2008), Nissan GT-R (2009), 5 Alarm (2008), 67 Shelby GT500 (2009), Yur So Fast (2009), Ducati 1098 (2009), Infiniti G37 (2009), Piranha Terror (2009), Skull Crusher (2009), Hammer Down (2009), Buzz Lightyear (2009), Rex (2009), Little Green Men (2009), Hyundai Genesis (2010), Speed Trap (2010), Camaro Police Car (2010), Mini Challenge (2010), Retro Active (2010), Ford Falcon Super V8 (2011), Porsche Boxster Spyder (2011), Ferrari 458 Spyder (2011), Harley Davidson Fatboy (2011), Mini Countryman (2011), Spin King (2011), Lotus Evora GT4 (2012), Ferrari F12 (2012), 1968 Shelby GT500 (2012), Feather Lite (2012), Battlestar Galactica Viper (2012), Battlestar Galactica Cyclone Raider (2012), Ducati Diavel (2012), Swamp Buggy (2012), Lamborghini Veneno (2012), Two Timer (2013), Bullwhip (2014), Street Stealth (2014), Fly-By (2014), MonteRacer (2015), Emoticar (2017)

Team Hot Wheels: Hyundai Genesis

There are many that know the origin story of Hot Wheels, being that these were originally California Custom Miniature cars released in the late 1960’s and that the brand has gone through many metamorphoses through the years: Redlines, Spectraflame Paint, Flying Colors, Super Chromes, Real Riders, First Editions, Treasure Hunts, […]