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From the Hot Wheels Wiki:
Glenn Nai-Tong Yu is a Chinese-American former Hot Wheels designer who worked at Mattel from at least 2004 to 2015, with many of his designs at Mattel being large Matchbox vehicles and Hot Wheels playsets. He is also credited in the AcceleRacers line. Prior to his work at Mattel, he worked at Hasbro, and is currently a senior director of product development as Jazwares, having moved there from his past position at Alpha Toys US. He is credited with the designs of the Hot Wheels B-Machine (2004) & Aero Pod (2015)

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X-Raycers Series: AERO POD

Since its initial release a couple months ago, I’ve been wanting to pick up the Hot Wheels Aero Pod. Obtaining one has not been a problem as they are plentiful and everywhere, AND have already been released in three colors with a couple wheel variations. So why did I wait […]