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Hot Wheels casting designed by Larry Wood. Currently in production, since 2006.

Orange Track Diecast

What ever happened to the Hot Wheels ’50s Chevy Truck?

It was the talk of the 2006 #Ultra Hots line. In the same year, it appeared as a #SDCC Exclusive and as a #Convention Vehicle. The Hot Wheels #’50s Chevy Truck was destined to ascend into Hot Wheels stardom. The #’50s Chevy Truck had all the makings of […]

Ultra Hots: ’50s CHEVY TRUCK

The Hot Wheels ’50s Chevy Truck debuted in the 2006 Ultra Hots line. This yellow version was released after a nice dark red version but preceded a harder to find, matte blue version. However, this version was the only one of the three to feature any graphics (beyond the […]