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How the 1998 First Editions ESCORT RALLY became a Hot Wheels Collector CULT FAVORITE

If you caught the recent interview with former Hot Wheels & Matchbox Graphic Design, Michael Heralda on @lamleygroup’s Fireside Chat series on Instagram, you’ll know that the 1998 First Editions release of the #Escort Rally was the first car Michael designed the graphics for Hot Wheels. It was […]

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1998 First Editions: IROC FIREBIRD

The IROC Firebird is truly an under-appreciated casting given its real-life racing history. Granted, the International Race Of Champions (IROC) Race had always been run and raced like a professional sports all-star game where the selection of “all-stars” is always a little suspect and the format usually favors […]

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1998 First Editions: HOT SEAT

The Hot Seat lives in Hot Wheels infamy due to its absurd concept and grotesque nature. Some collectors hate it, some collectors love it, some collectors just love to hate it. Whatever your idea is of it now, I actually remember this being quite a hot casting back in […]

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1998 First Editions: BAD MUDDER

Hot Wheels castings often drive off into the sunset without warning. The Bad Mudder’s lone release (as a 1998 First Edition, shown below) came and went but it wasn’t until a couple years that the rumors started to swirl in regards to its demise. In the world of […]